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Bitcoin Lottery Sites

Everyone knows someone who participates in a lottery and who hopes to be financially independent at some point by winning. The lottery is probably the most popular of all gambling variants and millions of people worldwide take part in lotteries every day. One reason for this could be that lotteries pay out winnings in the millions and those who are right here often no longer have to work for the rest of their lives.

Why Bitcoin lotteries?

Of course, the bitcoin hype could not simply pass the lotteries. The scepticism of many people towards the lotteries is far too great, precisely because it seems very easy to influence the draws.

But since the blockchain technology on which the bitcoin is based exists, this is over. Blockchain technology ensures a fraud-proof system and thanks to Provably fair technology, the draws can be verified by anyone at any time. But this is only an advantage even if it is probably the biggest, other advantages of Bitcoin lotteries are:

  • anonymity
  • instant payouts – with little to no fees
  • No account required – winnings are paid out to your wallet
  • No regional restrictions – anyone can participate from anywhere in the world
  • Proven fair payouts

If you want some change and would like to be financially independent, you should definitely take the chance and take part in a lottery. For this purpose we have put together a selection of Bitcoin lotteries.

bitplay.club1x every day for each lottery2 lotterys
Club178.Com1x every day for each lottery5 lotterys

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