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Best Bitcoin Bingo Sites

Everyone has surely heard of Bingo. No wonder, because bingo is one of the most popular games in the gambling world. No matter where you play bingo the principles of the game are the same everywhere. Bingo is a popular game all over the world, partly because it is very simple and easy to learn. Bingo is often associated with older people, in several series and movies you can see people playing bingo at the nursing home. But bingo is not only for older people, at the latest since you can play bingo with Bitcoins, it is suitable for everyone who enjoys gambling.

Why should i play Bingo with Bitcoins?

Good question! Of course, one of the big advantages is the anonymity that Bitcoins guarantees, because you only need your personal wallet which you can create completely without disclosing your personal data. Then there are other classic advantages of bitcoins, first of all the quick deposits and withdrawals with very low fees or no fees at all and not to forget you can use bitcoins anywhere in the world, so you are able to play bingo on all the different continents of the world.

(Note: Some bingo sites do not allow players from certain countries to enter, but with the mass of bingo sites, it should be no problem to find a suitable site for everyone)

Bitcoin Bingo

While in traditional bingo there were only 25 numbers that could be hit and one winning row consisted of five numbers, the online possibilities of this solution are now very diverse. Some bingo variants offer much larger fields, so more numbers are needed to make a profit. The most common are 75-Ball, 80-Ball and 90-Ball-Bingo. More numbers will be drawn for this. This drawing takes place completely randomly from the computer. But there are some other variations, for example fast bingo like 30-ball bingo with less fields.

Bingo games with other winning levels can often be found on the World Wide Web. For example, if all the corner numbers have been drawn, the player will also receive a payout. However, this is usually much lower than the one intended for bingo.

How does (bitcoin) Bingo works?

Before the start of a Bingo round, all players buy tickets that can also be seen as participation coupons. At some online casinos it is possible to buy several lots for a single round and thus increase your chances of winning. On the tickets are numbers, which are noted in boxes.
Then the game master, a so-called conferencier, pulls balls out of a drum one after the other. The numbers are also printed on it. Now the game master calls these numbers so that all players understand them. Online Bingo displays the numbers so that you as a player can check if there are matches to the numbers on your own tickets.
The numbers drawn are marked on the tickets. If numbers are called up that are in a horizontal or vertical row or diagonal, the player has a “Bingo”! In such a case, a predetermined amount is paid out directly online during bingo.
Note: In most bingo games, there is a payout even if the player has multiple bingoes. Many games then make it possible to multiply the winning amount, so that high winning sums can quickly result.

Bingo is fun and can make you some money, but, if you want to get the big pot, than you need to go for the Lottery. Here are the Top Lottery Sites for you.