Find the right Sportsbook for you

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How to find the right sportsbook

Sports betting on the Internet is becoming more and more popular and enjoys a growing fan club. But before you start placing your first bet, you have to find the right betting provider for your hobby.

Tips for the right betting provider – what to look for?

If you are new and not yet familiar with sports betting, you first need to know what to look out for when choosing the right betting provider. In addition to seriousness, there are many other criteria that distinguish a good bookmaker from a less good one.

A good betting provider treats its customers politely and offers a wide range of betting options. Furthermore, the website must be intuitive to use, because especially beginners should not have problems with the menu navigation. The odds are also responsible for how lucrative betting is with the bookmaker. The choice of sports should meet one’s own requirements, but the existing betting markets are almost more important. The most popular types of betting such as double chance or 2-way and 3-way bets are offered by almost every provider. The situation is different when it comes to over/under bets or handicaps.

There are other differences in customer service, not only in terms of business hours, but also in the communication channels available for making contact. There are also bookmakers who only offer a handful of payment methods, while others provide everything of rank and distinction, including PayPal. Another very important test criterion is the payout period.

How can a reputable betting provider be identified?

The number of betting providers is rising continuously and not only beginners have problems finding the perfect provider for them. We therefore recommend a look at our betting provider comparison. A look at the company background provides a good indication of the bookmaker’s seriousness:

  • Which company is behind the betting provider?
  • Is it a large corporation or a group of companies?
  • Are other labels already offering sports betting under certain circumstances?

However, there are also some features that indicate that a betting provider is serious. On the one hand, other friends of sports betting exchange information and describe their own experiences in various forums and Internet portals. These are not always positive, so we recommend you take a look in such a forum and search for further experiences via Google or another search engine. The following indications also speak for a serious provider:

  • Possession of a valid betting licence
  • Good selection of reputable and secure payment methods
  • Help and information for the prevention of gambling addiction
  • Review of the minimum age of 18 years
  • Fair and customer-friendly bonus conditions

A reputable bookmaker usually lists all the above information on his betting page in the footer. This means that customers do not have to search for long. On the other hand, dubious bookmakers act differently and let their customers look for this information or, even worse, they do not publish it at all. If a license is available, it is usually indicated in the footer, including the license number.

Important information for choosing a betting provider:

  • Betting service
  • Live bets
  • Betting bonus
  • Odds
  • Seriousness and safety
  • Methods of payment
  • Client support
  • Website usability
  • Mobile Sports Betting App
  • Betting duty

Advantages of online betting to classic betting shops

On the one hand, you have a whole range of different betting providers to choose from online and can thus also compare the odds and choose the best one for you. This is not the case with betting shops, unless it is a provider that generally offers some of the best odds in all areas, but this is rather unlikely.

In addition, it is possible to obtain information online from various sources at very short notice and conveniently at any time and to include this information in one’s own rating before placing a bet. In the betting shop, however, this is rather difficult if you don’t always go there with a notebook under your arm. If you use the corresponding online betting providers and are also offered suitable payout options in addition, you will often get your winnings and account credits within a few hours with the online sports betting providers.

Now that you have the tips, maybe you’d like to go and play. Find out the top sports betting sites.