Roulette rules

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Rules and procedure of a roulette game

The principle of the game is simple: before the croupier speaks the magic words “no more bets”, all players must place bets on a playing field. Each individual setting corresponds to a specific event, a number drawn between 0 and 36, the zero is highlighted in green, all other colors alternate between black and red. The winning number in a game is decided by spinning a ball in the roulette wheel. Between individual games, the odds of drawing numbers do not change, the odds do not change from one draw to the next. If a player can predict the number drawn, he wins.

A Roulette game begins with the placing of the bets. This is only possible after the prompt “Make your bets”. As soon as the dealer finds that enough bets have been made at the table, he turns the roulette wheel and throws the ball in against the direction of rotation. Players may still place bets until the croupier takes away this opportunity by saying “no more bets”.

If the ball is definitely in the field of a winning number, the banker says it out loudly. In addition, there is a respective color which also announces all simple odds that have won. The dealer then takes all lost bets off the field and begins to pay out the odds that have made a profit. Here the game ends and the system starts again.

What are the winning opportunities (French Roulette)?

The popularity of roulette is certainly due to the fact that the game is not associated with a confusing set of rules, but is rather very easy to understand. Nevertheless, roulette has a very special appeal for many players, as it offers many different betting possibilities despite its basically simple game structure. Depending on the risk with which the respective stakes are played, chances of winning the betting possibilities results in different amounts.

These are easy chances with high probabilities of winning:

  • Noir(Black) and Rouge(Red): You can bet on either Noir or Rouge. According to the Roulette game rules, you can tap on both colours at the same time. However, since a profit here only doubles the stake and the probabilities for the occurrence of the events added up is less than 100 percent, such an undertaking makes no sense.
  • Impair und Pair: Simple chances with the same probabilities as in the Noir Rouge game are Impair and Pair. With the first, you bet that the number drawn is even. The latter denotes an odd number. According to mathematical principles, zero is neither even nor odd.
  • Manque und Passe: On a roulette table the numbers are divided into 18 digits each. With a bet on Manque you guess that the number drawn is stored in the range from 1 to 18 inclusive. 19 to 36 is played with passe. Here, too, the odds of winning are 48.7 percent, just under half.

And there are multiple chances with higher profits but lower probability of winning:

  • Plein: In the field of multiple chances, the so-called Plein is a basic betting opportunity. You bet on one of the 37 numbers and hope that this number will be drawn. Here the payout ratio is usually 35 to 1, so betting on all numbers is not really interesting. However, according to the Roulette rules, it is possible to bet on a few selected numbers with which you can still make a profit in the event of a single winning number.
  • Cheval(Split): By placing the bet in the middle between two digits on the tableau you play the so-called Cheval. Such a bet can only be made on adjacent numbers. It does not matter in which constellation the numbers on the tableau stand together. The payout ratio is 17 to 1.
  • Transversale Pleine: Instead of two digits, the betting option Transversal Pleine can also be used to bet on three numbers of a cross row on the tableau. If the dealer is to place the chips in the casino accordingly, the lowest and the highest number must always be named. Here the payout is 11 to 1.
  • Les trois Premiers: Within the previous betting possibilities, a bet on the number 0 is only possible on the plein. Through the Les trois premiers, the roulette rules allow you to play the 0. The bets are on the numbers 0, 1 and 2 with a payout ratio of 11 to 1 again.
  • Carré: In order to play four numbers with one bet, a payout of 8 to 1 can be achieved via the Carré. The tapped digits must be adjacent to each other..
  • Les quatre premiers: Les quatre premiers is a partial extension of Les trois premiers to include the 3. This is also a bet on four numbers, the payout ratio is 8 to 1 according to the Carré.
  • Transversale Simple: Lower profits, but also significantly higher chances of winning are available with the Transversal Simple. Six numbers are played, which are placed in two consecutive cross rows. To play such a bet, for example, you have to say “transversal 4-9”. A payout of 5 to 1 is made on the Transversal Simple.
  • Douzaines(Dozens): What is called “Dozens” in international games is called “Douzaines” in French roulette. The tableau divides the numbers 1 to 36 into three dozen, each designated as Premier (1 to 12), Milieu (13 to 24) and Dernier (25 to 36). The odds of winning are close to a third, so in the lucky case the bet plus double the bet amount will be paid out to you.
  • Colonnes: A similar division of the playing field is made over the Colonnes. Three groups again comprise 12 numbers each and offer a payout of 2 to 1 In the first column 34 the numbers 1, 4, 7, 10,…, 34 are played. Column 35 comprises a number above and up to and including 35, and column 36 follows the same principle.

Beginner Tips Roulette

If you can consistently stick to the basic rules, such as know-how, discipline, self-control and composure and the more of the following Roulette tricks you internalize, the greater your success in the game of Roulette will be.

  • It is very important to know the rules of the game and the general chances of winning. For beginners, it makes sense to have a table of the possibilities and the associated chances of winning.
  • Before the game, make sure you set a personal limit that you strictly adhere to. In addition to a maximum daily bet, i.e. your loss limit, set a profit limit. Fixed limits avoid addiction to greed and reduce the risk of total loss.
  • Choose a serious online casino and start playing in free play mode. Some casinos also offer a No Deposit Bonus.
  • Always play European Roulette or French Roulette, because in American Roulette there is not only 0 but also 00, which gives the bank a house advantage of 5.26%. With the European version, the house advantage is only 2.63%. If French Roulette is also offered, you should play there, because the French version has the “En Prison” or “La Partage” option. With this option you can either get back half your bet on simple bets when the 0 falls, or the bet is left for the next game.
  • Always bet only on the easy chances, e.g. on the colors red and black (rouge et noir), on the even and odd numbers (pair and impair) and on the numbers 1 – 18 (manque) and 19 – 36 (pass). You have the best chance of winning in the easy odds with just under 50%, but with their low odds of 1:1 you also have the lowest wins.
  • Choose a roulette table with a betting limit appropriate to your circumstances.
  • Stick to your set limit and don’t risk too much, bet only about 2% of your limit on each game.
  • Don’t just play blindly, choose a working roulette system. Stick strictly to the respective rules and don’t bet on several fields at the same time, because that usually doesn’t pay off. Never let a loss dissuade you from your chosen game strategy.

However good the Roulette tips may be, if you notice that you are no longer playing for the fun of the game and the thrill, but feel driven to play, then you should end the game immediately. You can only avoid this greed for more profit if you strictly stick to your pre-game limits. If you give in to this greed, you risk too much and you will inevitably suffer total loss.

Before going to Monaco, you better study some Roulette Strategies.