Dice Strategies

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Of course there are countless strategies for dice. We took a closer look at some of the best known and probably also the most effective ones.

Martingale(“Doubling down”) strategy

The Martingale (“Doubling down”) strategy is one of the best known strategies ever. It can be used in many different games most often in roulette but it is also used in other games, such as bitcoin dice. The strategy is very simple and easy to implement. Simply, every time you lose you double your bet. So there is the possibility after only one win to convert your losses into a profit.
Here is an example for you:

  • imagine if we flip a coin. Heads you win, tails you lose.
  • We both bet 1 BTC and luckily it comes to tails, so you lose 1 BTC.
  • Now we start a second round, again you win at head.  However, this time you bet 2 BTC.
  • Now head actually appears and lo and behold, now you have won 4 BTC.
  • After 2 rounds you have earned 1 BTC now.

As nice as this sounds, this strategy should be used with caution in practice. If we look at a few doubles in a row, it’s easy to see that the stakes required to stay in the game increase exponentially, but we also realize that no matter how often we lose in a row, after only a single win in between we are making profit. Of course, you have to be aware that you can lose 10 times in a row and that can quickly lead to bankruptcy.

Note: This strategy works best at 50:50 odds and with a quote that at least doubles your bet.

Paroli System

The Paroli strategy is a popular system for beginners and advanced players for two simple reasons: The Paroli system is very easy to understand and is considered relatively effective. Basically, the Paroli strategy follows a system of doubling, as is also known from the Martingale strategy.
But there is an important difference between the two strategies: While according to Martingale the stake is always doubled when you have made a loss, the stake is always doubled according to the Paroli strategy when you have made a profit.
The idea behind this is that the strategy is thus much more capital-conserving. Only a small bet is placed until you win. Then the bet is topped up with the winnings, so that only a small bet is actually paid out of your own pocket (assuming you have not made a profit).
For better understanding we have an example of roulette for explanation:

  • For example, if you bet your basic bet of 1BTC on red in the Paroli Roulette system and win, you leave this basic bet of 1BTC plus the win of qBTC from this 1st progression.
  • If you now win again in the 2nd progression, bet the 2BTC plus the profit of 2BTC again
  • If you win again in the following 3rd progression you now have the possibility to fold with 8BTC and to enter a new game with the basic bet of 1BTC

This system is suitable for people who like to play a little less risky, it is also a little more gentle on capital than the Martingale strategy, nevertheless you can lose everything with this system and it is in no case a guarantee to win.

More Bitcoin Dice strategies

Of course there are many other dice strategies, 3 more we have briefly explained here:

  1. One strategy is to always bet a hundredth of your bankroll fifty times on 1% win chance. If you win then, you’ve definitely made a profit. However, if you have not won with these fifty attempts, you bet the remaining 50% of your budget on a bet that return your whole bankroll when you win.
  2. The second strategy is similar to the first one mentioned here. With this strategy, you always bet the same amount on the same quote until you have more money than you started.
  3. The last of our 3 strategies is also one that is often used and very simple. You look for a bet that has a 95% chance of winning and bid on it until you double your bet. Even if the chance is small, there is a chance of losing everything.

Should I use strategies?

Yes! But please remember that no strategy is perfect. No strategy is the only true strategy that always wins. Most of them just make sure you use your money effectively to maximize profits and minimize losses.

There are no guarantees for winning in gambling, no matter what strategy you use. Strategies are only a help, but even the best strategy does not help you if you have a bad day and only lose. On such days you should just stop gambling quickly and not try to compensate your losses.

Nevertheless, strategies can of course be helpful, especially in terms of money management. So we still advise you to play with strategy, it is not without reason that many players swear by strategies.

Now that you know the strategies, play the dice games and have fun! Throw your dice on the Dice Sites.